Mold Safety Tips

What to do if you suspect mold?

What is mold?

Molds are microscopic organisms that have existed since practically the beginning of time. Mold is also referred to as fungi and mildew. Molds are naturally occur everywhere in our environment, and can grow on almost any surface. Molds are used to make cheese and wine, and play an important role in nature by breaking down organic materials.

What makes mold grow?

Mold will grow anywhere that has the right amount of moisture. Mold needs three things to grow:

  • Water - High moisture levels from plumbing leaks, water intrusion, etc.
  • Food - Organic material such as paper products and drywall.
  • Heat - Temperatures between 40-100 degrees Fahrenheit.

While all of these things are required for mold growth, limiting moisture in your home is the best way to prevent it.

Mold Prevention Tips

  • Remove lint every time you use the dryer.
  • Don’t hang wet laundry indoors.
  • Turn the bathroom fan on when you shower. When you are done with your shower, leave the bathroom fan on for 30 minutes to remove the remaining moisture from the room.
  • Keep surfaces that get wet, such as the walls around the bathtub and shower, clean and dry.
  • Take out the garbage daily to prevent odors and spoiling.
  • Don’t overcrowd closets. Leave room in every closet for air circulation.
  • If you landscape areas around your home, allow for proper water drainage.

Detecting mold in your home

The easiest way to detect mold in your home is through a visual inspection. Mold often has a musty or earthy smell. If you detect a water leak or believe that you have mold in your home, submit a work order to have it checked.