Children's Safety

For parents, the safety of our children is our number one priority; however children are injured every day in home accidents, many of which can be prevented. Injuries to children can be minimized by developing a comprehensive home safety plan. The following tips may help you create a safer environment within your home.

  • Stay close to the stove when cooking, especially when you are frying food. Keep children away from the stove.
  • Keep space heaters at least three feet away from anything that can burn. Do not leave children unattended in a room while using space heaters.
  • Lock matches and lighters in a place where children can’t reach them.
  • Only light candles when an adult is in the room. Blow the candle out when you leave the room or go to sleep.
  • Stay within an arm’s length of smaller children in and around water. This includes bathtubs, toilets, pools and buckets of water.
  • Empty large buckets and wading pools after using them. Use of wading pools must be supervised by an adult.
  • No child should swim alone. Make sure your children always swim with an adult.
  • Keep your water heater set at 120 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent burns. If you are not aware of your water heater setting, submit a work order to have maintenance check it for you.
  • Read the labels on all toys, especially if they have small parts. Be sure your child is old enough to play with them.
  • Keep coins and hard round foods, such hard candy and nuts, out of children’s reach. Things that can fit through a toilet paper tube can cause a young child to choke.
  • Place furniture and cribs/beds away from windows.
  • Always strap babies into high chairs, swings, changing tables and strollers.
  • Lock poisons, cleaners, medications and all dangerous items in a place where children can’t reach them
  • Keep all cleaners in their original containers. Do not mix them together.
  • Use medications carefully, follow the directions and keep them safeguarded. Use child resistant lids.