Eye/Vision Safety

  • Keep all household chemicals, paints, pesticides, fertilizers tools, etc. locked up away from children.
  • Almost anything that can splash into the eye can damage it. Wear protective eyewear when working with: detergents, cleaning solvents, etc. Never mix cleaning agents.
  • Car batteries contain sulfuric acid and produce hydrogen gas while being charged. This is one of the gasses used to send rockets into space. Always wear protective eyewear when working with batteries. Know the proper procedures for handling batteries and jump-starting cars
  • Never remove safety guards from power equipment. Wear protective eyewear to protect against flying particles.
  • Pick up all yard debris before using lawn equipment and wear protective eyewear while operating it. Children should not play in areas where lawn equipment is being used.
  • Children and adults should use sports-specific eyewear to avoid sports related accidents.
  • Ultraviolet and infrared light from the sun, welding arcs and tanning beds can damage your eyes; it may also contribute to age-related macular degeneration. Use proper eye protection and never look directly at a solar eclipse
  • Never allow children to play with laser pointers they are not toys. The light from a laser pointer aimed into the eye can be more damaging than staring directly into the sun.
  • In the car, use infant and child safety seats, safety belts and shoulder harnesses. Keep children in the back seat away from air bags.
  • Keep older children's toys away from younger children. Do not let children of any age use flying toys and projectile-firing toys with out adult supervision. Three out of four of children's eye injuries happen when no adult is present.
  • To avoid eye infection do not share eye makeup or eye drops with anyone.